Stay in Budapest (part 1 of 5)

For the ten days that I was in Budapest, I stayed in the same place – Maverick City Lodge in Pest. I couldn’t possibly comment on any other accommodation in Budapest, so this article will be all about Maverick.


After ten long days there, I do not have one bad thing to say about the hostel, it was truly perfect. It was not only one of the cleanest places I have ever stayed, the helpful and friendly staff made your stay much better, easier and happier. My first impressions when I walked in were… “wow this is clean, and modern, and that staff are great!” It only got better after that. With a lovely large kitchen equipt with cups, glasses, cultery, plates, pots, pans, a toaster, hobs and kettle, I was very happy. Then I found out about the free tea and coffee (lots of different flavoured fruit teas as well) and I was ecstatic.


The place was filled wIMG_4237ith lots of quirky little things that added to your stay. They have a huge cork board in the kitchen, above a pad of sticky paper and pins, so you are encouraged to leave a little note on the wall and leave a small part of you, be it your name or a message, in Budapest… what a lovely idea!






For the first nine nights I stayed in an 8 bed dorm which was great and easy to meet all of the people you are sharing a room with. Everyone had a different story and came from a different place so it was great to chat with friendly and interesting people. The dorms only cost around £10 a night, which is exceptional value to say how amazing the hostel is. There are bunk beds which are very spacious with these great curtains around each, which mean you can have all the privacy you want and they are great for blocking out any light from the room. Happy sleeping. ZzZzzZz

For the last night of the stay, we booked into a double room, that was on a special offer for only £23 for the night. It was a beautiful, modern, clean and breathtaking room! It was a lovely end to the holiday, with a room to ourselves as well as an en-suite bathroom, we just couldn’t believe the excellent value for money.

And again… it keeps on getting better still!… The hostel is right in the city centre, with most of the ruins bars surrounding it or a short ten minute walk away. It is also ten minute walk to the River Danube, which you cross to get into Buda. If you walk out of the hostel and down any street you will come across many quirky shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. There is also an idea 24-hour shop just next to the hostel, incase you want to grab anything late at night.276



Scrumptious Budapest (part 2 of 5)

When in Budapest…

You have to try at least four specialities… and I have the perfect list for you:

1. Gulyas (Goulash).

Hungary’s signature dish, try it at least once with Galuska (gnocci-like dumplings) and you will be very happy you did. It is an original and scrumptious dish.









2. Langos.

This street food, great as a filling snack or lunch, is made from fried dough and topped with cheese and sour cream. It tingles your taste buds and keeps your hunger at bay for a good few hours!



3. Wine

There are two fantastic Hungarian wines that are known internationally:

Tokaji Aszu – a sweet dessert wine

Egri Bikaver – a full-bodied red

Wine lover or not, you must try them both at least once… who knows, you may need a second helping… or third or fourth!

4. Palinka

This strong firewater-like brandy distilled from fruits is a must try! I will say nothing more, my lips are sealed, but you must try it! Here are some pictures to describe the wonderful Palinka…











The blurry photo suitably foreshadows the night after we had Palinka shots!

This month’s trends: Overwhelming October

October has arrived, the month we have all been dreading. When summer is officially way out of the way and we are a month into Autumn. Not to worry though, as I have some great style treats to warm you up and make you feel much better as the colder weather sets in. Here are my picks for what to wear in October:

1. Co-ords

I am in love with two pieces this A/W season. Admittedly, the little number in the first picture won’t be great on a cold October day but, it will look great on any night out. Style it with barely there sandals and a clutch to shine at any party. There are a number of different ways you can style up co-ords – with a jacket, hat or tights, they are suitable for all weather and you can wear them on any occasion. Here are my favourite pieces. Asos, Miss Guided and Chiara Fashion (you have to search for tops and bottoms seperately) do some lovely co-ords.

Miss Guided - Top £19.99 Skirt £17.99
Miss Guided – Top £19.99 Skirt £17.99
Asos - Top £30 Bottoms £40
Asos – Top £30 Bottoms £40











Asos - Jacket £54 Shorts £42
Asos – Jacket £54 Shorts £42
Miss Guided - Top £14.99 Skirt £12.99
Miss Guided – Top £14.99 Skirt £12.99











2. Big fashion hats

Great in any season, but now that it is getting colder there is no excuse not to be wearing one. Add class and elegance to every look by putting on a lovely big hat and keep the rain away from that lovely hair. Topshop, Asos and H&M do a good range.

Asos - Felt Floppy Hat £20
Asos – Felt Floppy Hat £20
New Look - Black Felt Fedora £14.99
New Look – Black Felt Fedora £14.99

The wonders of Budapest, Hungary


I recently spent ten days in the beautiful little city of Budapest and I thought that it was so amazing, that I will be posting five separate articles about the time I spent there. I will provide you with tips, information, beautiful photographs, funny stories, advice and hopefully an entertaining read. I will also be producing a magazine focusing on my ten amazing days in Budapest, which I will post online when complete. The aim of the next five blog posts is to encourage you, if you haven’t already, to explore this wonderful place filled with culture, stunning history, a broad range of activities and amazing local food and drink. Fly to the country where you can have the best night out of your life, the most romantic river cruise with that special someone, or a day at the thermal baths. Try the local foods and adventure to other islands, beaches and many quirky sights. Here are a few pictures until I upload the five articles. Watch this space and enjoy.


The Historical city of Chester

THE historic city of Chester has a diverse variety of entertainment, history and stunning architecture. Whether you want an exciting day out with the family or an engaging walk through history, Chester has it all.

A walk is the most beneficial way to conquer the uniqueness of the city and links inhabitants and visitors with their ancestors, who would have walked on the same red sandstone two thousand years previously. Relive the history of Chester by encountering the ancient and original wonders the city has to offer.

A different way to see the city would be to take a stroll along the entire circuit of the city walls and view the sites from the scheduled monument which defended the Roman Fort in AD 70’s. The impressive Eastgate clock was added to the circuit of the walls in 1899 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Other profound vestiges in Chester include the Roman gardens, where you can find interpretive panels that tell the story of Roman Chester, and the Chester cathedral, a place of Christian worship as well as concerts and exhibitions. Visit the other churches in Chester to grasp the historical and religious significance they hold, whether it is the seven stone steps leading up to St Peter’s church or the stenciled patterns on the walls in St Paul’s church.

During your adventures in discovering Chester, you can choose from spectacular bridges to cross at different points of the River Dee. The oldest bridge in the City, the Old dee, crosses over the river into Handbridge and is distinctive, with seven arches of unequal dimensions. The Grosvenor Bridge, which opened in 1832, held the title of the longest single span arch bridge in the world for 30 years.

Take a walk through the city gates and view the striking architecture that has impressed visitors for many years. Walk down Northgate Street, through the original northern Roman entrance to Chester, or allow yourself to become inspired by the beauty of Newgate, decorated with carved shields and Tudor roses.

For an educational day out, you can visit The Grosvenor Museum of Natural History and Archaeology and view the collection of Roman tombstones and archaeological items. The Chester military museum is another informative building which covers the history of four British army regiments.

The selection of things to do is never limited, with roman tours, city sightseeing and boat trips offered daily. Visitors flock from all over the world to indulge in the inimitable discoveries which lie at the heart of the city.   Chester offers something different in such a stunning and awe-inspiring way, once you visit the city you will be sure to want to return again very soon.

To your right you will see the ancient and unique St John’s church ruins, the gothic architecture is definitely a must-see! The Phoenix Tower is a medieval structure

Go back in time and visit the above attractions that make Chester an unforgettable destination for tourism and the main reason that it has been chosen to be the capital of culture in 2017.

La Cure Gourmande – a quaint Belgium treat

When in Belgium…

you must go to La Cure Gourmande, a beautiful little shop in the city of Brussels selling everything from sweets, biscuits and chocolate.

Choose from a huge variety on a stunning display which will take your breath away.

brusselsWhatever appeals to your sweet tooth the most, this shop is sure to have what you want. For you biscuit lovers out there, choose from over thirty different fillings such as rasberry, vanilla, chocolate, fig, lemon and many more. If you are crazy about caramel, you can indulge in fine and tender milky fudges or a range of different flavoured toffees. Crackers about crackers? They have amazing flavours that will tickle your tastebuds: sweet peppers, paprika, sesame, curry, cumin and onions.

And finally, what all you chocolate fanatics out there… this wonderful quaint shop provides you will a huge variety that is more than you could have ever dreamed of.  Choose a box of handmade cocoa butter chocolates or pick the white or orange chocolate option. Watching your sugar levels? Simple… pick up some milk or dark chocolate with reduced sugar, the irresistible softness and tenderness will leave you satisfied with your choice. And to add to the beauty of the product, your treats will come in beautifully decorated tins, paper bags and boxes.



You can browse the many different products and see what takes your fancy here.




Studentification is beneficial to Chester

RESIDENTS of Chester are concerned with the rising percentage of studentification and its effect on the noise levels and disruption in the area.

An increasing number of buildings have been built and plans to provide more student accommodation in Chester is causing residents to voice their complaints.

Alex Williams, senior communications officer at the University of Chester, said: “The University has addressed its immediate accommodation needs with a new 200-bed hall of residence on campus and the acquisition of the 160-bed Travelodge at Fountain’s Roundabout.”

Grosvenor House student accommodation

Studentification is a controversial subject in Chester, but there are many ways the University and students of Chester are benefitting the city as a whole.

Jayne Dodgson, Director of Corporate Communications at the University of Chester, said: “The University is now one of the largest employers in Chester.

“It is playing a significant part in the city becoming an international conference destination of some repute and in attracting millions of pounds worth of international business and inward investment.”

The University of Chester provides the city with a £270 million economic benefit, 500 local jobs, and 120 apprenticeships, which hugely benefits local people in this recession.

Student accommodation ©Camilla Long

Eric Langton, Chairman of Chester Renaissance, said: “Students and long term residents need to work together to solve any issues, young people must respect the residents and whole communities should not turn their backs on the importance of having students in the city.

“The University is very important, Chester can’t rest on its heritage, we need the vitality and young talent that the University has brought us.”

The garden quarter, where most students live, is seen to cause the most problems with surrounding residents.

Jenny Matthews, an accountant living on Garden Lane, said: “I have lived here for five years, and each year there seems to be more and more students coming to live in the area.

“Most evenings from 10pm I hear shouting and general fuss along Garden Lane from inconsiderate students and I want something to be done.”

Jillian Crowther, Politics student at the University of Chester, said: “I agree with some residents, that if there have been disruptions because of students, it should be dealt with.

“But they also need to view the huge benefits of studentification on the city, so nothing should be done to limit or stop this.”